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11/20/05 03:11 pm - friends only

All my entries from now on are going to be friends only. So if I havn't added you onto my friends list and you want to read my journal than comment. So yeah thats pretty much it. ^^

Im not going to delete my journal. Im such an idiot. I can just make it friends only. I thought that you could still read the journal if you looked on the history. But you can't. Yay!

Jadey chan

4/21/05 05:26 pm

Hello. Do you ever wounder why they call it "Softball"?? Cause, the ball just isn't soft. Its a fricken stone! I mean, why the heck would you call a ball that isn't soft, softball?? Im sorry, but it just doesn't make any sense to me!

Anyway, my mama and my sista got back and grrrrr thats not good. I wish I could live with my Grandma. I can't wait til the end of school! Camp meeting and Ceder Point!!! Yaaay! Im so excited! Fun fun fun!!

I got a new book! "A Thousand Shall Fall". Its awsome so far. Liv, write in your journal! No stupid quiz thingys anymore! *snores* *drools* *snorts* Sorry, just thinking about those quiz things make me *yawn* sleepy. Night night.....

4/15/05 03:37 pm

Today we had a half day! Yippee! And my mom and sister are going to OutdoorEd on Sunday so Im gonna stay at my G-ma's til Wednsday! Im supa dupa excited! ::does the maccorana::

BAAAAAAAD NEWS! All the teams have to go to the stupid lego competition. I hate lego robotics. It totally sucks! My team is me, Kim, Michael, Jared, and Jonathan. Me and Kim have to do this project thingy. Stupid legos.

Jaderz ^^Y peace out!

4/14/05 06:10 pm

happy girl
You are a happy anime girl.You are carefree and are
always happy even through the toughest times
you manage to stay happy and you always think
happy thoughts.You are very popular and are
cared for a bunch.You are a good friend and you
can cheer people up in an instant.You can fool
around but be serious at times.Ok umm You are
probably always hyper and jumping off of the
walls.You also love everybody and everything^_^
bada bop bop bah i'm loving it.

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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4/7/05 06:19 pm

Today we are going to start on our journey to destroy the ring. A long and hard journey to Mount Doom....

Sorry, hee hee, was thinking bout it, you know how it is.

What I ment to say was we're going to Tenessee, or is Teennesee, or Tenese, or Teneesse, I never can remember how to spell that. As I was saying, We're going on our backpacking trip tomorrow, leaving tonight though. We're driving through the night. Its gonna be awsome! I won't be posting for a few days. If you're unhappy about this, well, thats your problem. I doubt anyone would miss me anyway.

See ya, Jaderz ^^Y peace out!

4/5/05 04:01 pm

Today was cool (well as cool as it gets when it comes to school, hey that kinda rhymes!). Yesterday week of prayer started. Pastor David Aschrek (I don't know how to spell it) is our speaker. He's really good. I've heard odds and ins of his tapes before, but hes better in person.

Last week, for english, we were given an assignment to write a fiction story or something. I've started and its turning out super duper! Its about this messed up teen that finds God. Well, something like that. Its in journal form so its way easier to write.

Liv, ask me about what happened after school. I think you'd be amused by it. Me, personally, I hate it to death!

4/4/05 07:06 pm

Ahhhhhh...... oh the beauty of blackmail.....
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