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Today we had a half day! Yippee! And my mom and sister are going to OutdoorEd on Sunday so Im gonna stay at my G-ma's til Wednsday! Im supa dupa excited! ::does the maccorana::

BAAAAAAAD NEWS! All the teams have to go to the stupid lego competition. I hate lego robotics. It totally sucks! My team is me, Kim, Michael, Jared, and Jonathan. Me and Kim have to do this project thingy. Stupid legos.

Jaderz ^^Y peace out!
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Who the hell would give half a crap about legos anyways?

And I thought outdoor ed started on friday.
Effing library computer won't let me update my journal anymore. It says it's blocked for inappropriate content. Like my journal has anything inappropriate in it.

That lowers my journal updates to twice a week at the most.


My life=Major suck factor without computer.

Now I'll have to go over to MyOtaku and rant for a while.

Later Jader.

*chanting* You don't have a computer! You don't have a computer! You don't have a computer!! Haa haa!

I hate legos! Ya know, "legos" is an "la" away from "Legolas". What has the world come to?
*shakes head*