Jade (shinzow) wrote,

Hello. Do you ever wounder why they call it "Softball"?? Cause, the ball just isn't soft. Its a fricken stone! I mean, why the heck would you call a ball that isn't soft, softball?? Im sorry, but it just doesn't make any sense to me!

Anyway, my mama and my sista got back and grrrrr thats not good. I wish I could live with my Grandma. I can't wait til the end of school! Camp meeting and Ceder Point!!! Yaaay! Im so excited! Fun fun fun!!

I got a new book! "A Thousand Shall Fall". Its awsome so far. Liv, write in your journal! No stupid quiz thingys anymore! *snores* *drools* *snorts* Sorry, just thinking about those quiz things make me *yawn* sleepy. Night night.....
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